Dating : Wild last minute date stand-up story

Dating : Wild last minute date stand-up story

I (25,F) have been talking with this guy (26,M) from Tinder. We decided to meet up tonight for dinner at a casual restaurant for the first time. At 5 he texted asking if i was still up for it and I replied saying I was. At 8:20, 10 minutes before our proposed meeting time he cancelled and said there’s been a family emergency and his family has been arrested by border patrol! At first I felt really bad for the guy and told him I was sorry about everything. I tried calling him but someone else picked up and he told me that was his cousin and that they’re all together figuring everything out. Now I’m starting to think he could be lying and just wanted to not meet up but isn’t that a wild story?? He said he’ll « get back to » me later tonight and I feel confused. What do you all think about this?

What do you think?


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  1. Am I the only one finding the story kind of…hilarious? Okay, the story could have been real. Just tell him you feel sorry about this and look forward to meeting him in the near future. If he really wants to meet you, he would initiate another date in the near future, I suppose?

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