Dating : Women – can you explain this dating behaviour?

Dating : Women – can you explain this dating behaviour?

Hi All,

33 yo male here, dating related question (online).

A year ago (yes, a year ago) I got chatting to a girl online. She was quite nice, funny, bubbly, good conversationalist (all big qualities I like) and we had a rapport (I enjoyed talking, etc). Unfortunately, my account expired and her account was hidden (maybe she met someone) so nothing happened. However, I always remembered her email address on the profile. Note we spoke for a while but never swapped photos so I did ask about talking on the phone/swapping photos as I thought we should take the next step.

Fast forward to now, she sends me an interest (I recognise her from the profile and same email address). We say hi to each other etc and I mention we spoke a year ago (maybe a bad thing now….) and she retracts her interest without explanation!? WTF.

Can someone explain this to me? It’s just annoying.

What do you think?


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  1. Okay, this happened to me once. I remember the people I speak to online. Even if it’s been awhile. They Unfortunately don’t. So in mentioning it, they find it creepy. It’s pretty stupid to be honest. You just have a good memory.

  2. Yeah, could have also been they are good manipulators and led you on for whatever reason. Then they said ‘ima ghost this guy’ and now, one year later, when you reminded them who you were, they ghosted again. I think that’s happened to me too. The conversation isn’t always going as well as you think :/

    Just a possibility though, I really have no clue.

  3. Sometimes I don’t remember that I’ve spoken to someone, and when they remind me I remember something they said/did turned me off.

  4. As a women, if I were in the same situation, I would’ve probably done something similar. Women tend to believe that men don’t keep trivial matter in their memory, so that fact that you remembered may have cause her to think that you had nothing else to focus on during the 1 year. You probably just have an amazing memory but it’s hard for some women to not assume.

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