Dating : Would you consider volunteering with animals for a first date?

Dating : Would you consider volunteering with animals for a first date?

Let’s say a guy invites you on a date, but he says he wants to volunteer with you at the local animal shelter because he feels like he’ll get to know you better. -would you do it?

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What do you think?

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  1. I’ve never been in a relationship before so don’t take my answer as the « good » one but it seems to be a quite original idea. If the both of you absolutely love animals then it should be nice but I’d still rather have a more « normal » date just to know the person better in a more casual environnement

  2. Sounds like a great second or third date. But keeping it simple (food/drinks) is better for seeing how people act when there’s no outside stimulus (like puppies!) to distract them. I’d worry I’d be too distracted by the animals to get to know my date lol.

    But maybe he’s trying to get a feel for how you are with animals. Some people put a *lot* of faith into « good with animals vs. not good with animals ».

    But if you aren’t into it, you can always suggest a simpler date idea. He’s not holding a gun to your head, is he? 😛

  3. Aww what a sweet date. You meet him at the shelter.. You’re both into animals and here’s your opportunity to share something that you both love. Little did you know, they just brought in a pit bull that used to be forced to fight dogs. He sees your date turn his back on it and chews his head off. Now he’s dead. It all went so well until that point. Oh well. At least you still have the memories! The bloody memories.

  4. I volunteer at an animal shelter and I can tell you (unless you’re going to be walking a dog together) it won’t be a great idea. At least at the shelter I go to it’s not a place for a lot of socialization. It’s more go in, give food, clean, pet a dog/cat real quick, leave. Maybe a future date if you both really want to help out, but for sure not the first one.

    Also, they kind of expect you to not just come in once? So if you volunteer you need to commit to it because there’s training you need to go through. Idk maybe the shelter near you works different, but I still don’t suggest it.

  5. I would be overjoyed to go on a date at an animal shelter! I volunteer at a local shelter from time to time and it’d be the perfect environment to get to know someone imo. I don’t like the idea of just sitting across/next to each other at a bar/restaurant as a first date… it’s nice to have something to do while getting to know someone to break the ice. Just make sure that you don’t get separated into different groups or tasks! And remember that while you’re there for a date you’re also there to work hard and help out the animals. 🙂

  6. Yup, it’s original and adorable. Plus, it’s an engaging activity so it takes the pressure off of just staring at each other and trying to have constant conversation.

  7. I would, if OP has a genuine interest in volunteering at an animal shelter and all that it may involve. And lets face it, it could be gross.

    I could see this being a compatibility test. And not a bad one if there’s a real interest. Great way of seeing humanity and compassion first hand.

    The again, and this is the skeptic in me talking… They could be trying to increase volunteer numbers (and therefore it’s not a real date).

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