Dating : Your honest opinion about military women

Dating : Your honest opinion about military women

I have heard more than once that they are basically walking fleshlights

What do you think?


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  1. From my experience, some are, some aren’t, just like the civilian world. Im not a very social guy, but I am aware many want relationships and fulfillment just like everyone else.

  2. Let’s look it at their perspective a bit… You go into an organization filled with mostly dudes.

    These dudes are surrounded by a limited source of females and most likely haven’t busted a nut in multiple of weeks. Even if you aren’t the most attractive female on earth, they will see you as really attractive and try to woo you.

    Most of these dudes are fit.

    Up to the lady. In my experience there were quite a lot of Eskimo brothers.

  3. I mean don’t turn your back on all women in uniform but if sex on the first date isn’t your style just leave. The stereotype hold true like 35% of the time from what I’ve seen and if you aren’t comfortable with that back out.

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