Dating : How does anyone actually meet on online dating when they carry on swiping after the first date?

Dating : How does anyone actually meet on online dating when they carry on swiping after the first date?

You get talking to someone online, you finally meet up and it goes great. But after that they completely disappear. They’ve met someone else. You assume same thing happens to them because their Tinder profile is still being regularly updated. You do the same and the cycle goes on.
Is there any way to actually succeed at online dating?

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  1. 1. Are you setting up the date properly? A first date should be a teaser. It should leave them wanting more. Keep it short and sweet. Long first dates are pure sabotage.

    2. Are you sure they like you ?

  2. your probelm is you are putting too much on dating and women. do something fucking productive and meaningful…online dating is for 2% of the the entire population and if you’re not in that bracket, you will be used for a free meal. end of story.

  3. All the time! You should be dating as many men/women as you can (because they sure are). It’s a numbers game. A few weeks ago I had a stack of first and second dates set up during the week. I had to put them in my phone calendar because I was not able to remember or keep track of it. From those dates, most the girls were ‘meh’ to me. This is just how dating is. Some women/men will like you, most will not. That is why dating exists. Just keep your emotions far, far away until someone is deserving of them. Other than that, be as indifferent as you can to the whole thing. Rejection is normal, and the sting from it disappears from experience. Remember, it’s just a few dates, you don’t *really* know the person at all. They could be a complete piece of shit for all you know.


    I’m slowing it down now though, it’s getting fucking expensive.


    This is the only way I can succeed with online dating. Lots of dates. From those dates, I will only go out with the ones that are really into me; because when they’re into you, they make dating them VERY easy. Doors open.


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