Dating : Don’t give up part 3…

Dating : Don’t give up part 3…

Hello my friends,


I am back again to provide more insight into dating on hard mode and learn from your experiences as well. The comments in my previous posts have been helpful, insightful and sometimes funny. All of it is much appreciate, so please keep it up. I want to post as much as I can to leave my mark in this world, I don’t want to be forgotten when it is all said and done. Keep on going in your dating adventures, and remember we are all human beings trying to grope our way in the dark. Grow, learn, and more important love each other for who we really are on the inside.


1) I did it, I tried Tinder again. It is honestly a soul crushing experience for me because I have to use my picture. My face is messed up, just horrible for most people to view. I had hope to at least find someone out there like my ex of 8 years to at least look past it or at give me a chance to convince them I am in fact a person. Suddenly this woman named Ana pops up in my feed, I read her profile and hit like. I had a super like available but I didn’t want to seem too eager, after all don’t want to drive her away. I honestly had hope this time because she felt like an outsider due to her height, she said in her profile to stand at about 4’8″. Finally! I found someone who at least mirrors some of my frustrations, if at the very least I can make a new friend. We ended up matching which added to my hope and excitement, really turned my week around seeing the match. Our chat last about an hour before she asked me to join a website to see her pictures. I know this little game some people like to play on Tinder, so I said no I am fine. The other person became angry and started to put me down, along with calling my manhood into question. Before I could report them, they unmatched me and disappeared off my list. This would be the 4th match during the course of my time on Tinder, and my second conversation with a person.


2) This one was the reason my week has been a wreck, it happened last weekend. I spend most of weekends alone in my house, I can’t stand being out in public alone due to all the stares. Worse yet is when a kid makes a comment, I know they don’t mean any harm (most of the time). When out of the blue a friend I shared with my ex decided to text me and asked me out, clearly indicating it would be a date. I reckon the red flags should have gone off, suppose I didn’t care at the time. Very odd that she kept saying date throughout our conversation, though she told me her plan. She bought tickets to a local band I love that was playing at a local venue. Honestly just getting out of the house to hang out with someone is just what I needed. Plan was to meet up at her house with my car and leave it in her driveway. The day of I make it to her house and walk to her the venue which is a few blocks away. Parking in the area for events is pricey and there were a lot of different events happening last weekend. It was smart to just walk there so we could enjoy each other’s company. First thing I noticed she is on her phone recording video (I thought) but no she said she is IRL streaming on Twitch. She was going to stream the event live to her audience. I didn’t think it was odd, she has streamed before when our friend group would hang out. We make to the venue and her older brother is working the door, he checks her tickets and let us through. We go get some over priced drinks and make our way to a good vantage point. She has to go use the restroom and walks away leaving me there. About oh 15 minutes pass, about 20 minutes to show time, a security guard comes up to me. He asked to see my ticket which I don’t have, since my date has both. I let him know a friend has my ticket that she would be back shortly. His reply was there were complaints about me sneaking past the door and that my presence was disturbing the « vibe ». I was looking for my « date » but couldn’t see her in the crowd. Guard reacted in a very negative way, I suppose he thought I was trying to be difficult. He picked me up under my arms and escorted me out of the venue. I waited for 30 minutes for her to come get me or at the very least text me. Figured she was streaming and watching the event, so I decided to walk back to my car. When I get back to her house my car is gone, at this point I become furious and call her several times…no answer. I Uber home and went about tracking my car down. Turns out this was all a big prank on me for views. She planned the whole thing to stream me get man handled and catch my reaction on her dash cam when I made it back to her house.


On the second one I talked with her brother to figure out what was going on. He told me a couple nights ago, she was always jealous of my ex being with me because I provided a home and a car. She actually hates me to the core but does a good job at hiding it from me. Has anyone been in a similar situation? What are some good practices to succeed at Tinder? Should I try another online dating service?

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