Dating : Gave my number to a guy on the bus

Dating : Gave my number to a guy on the bus

Hi! So, there is this job I got about 2 months ago, and to get there I have to take this bus where I noticed this super cute guy looking at me every time I entered. At first I didn’t give attention because I really tought he was waaaay out of my league to try anything, but for my surprise he was the one staring at me all along. It’s been like this, at first it wasn’t every day I saw him, but after a few weeks he was taking the bus same time as me, the way in and out of my work! When I approach I noticed how his body language changes, he keep looking at me and couldn’t stay still like when you’re a bit nervous. I’m not unnatractive, it’s common for me to guys ask out and people usually tell me I’m pretty, but I’m not very confident about my looks myself, specially when I’m into someone that pretty, so what I decided to do really surprised even myself: On my way out of the bus I approached this guy (wich I never talked to, only changed these glances) and called « hey » while giving a folded paper with only my number on it. He seemed so surprised that he almost let if fell lol I waited for him to grab it from my hand, then we both smiled on the awkward situation and he said « thank you » in the cutest way, then I left. It was on friday, because in my mind I tought we could have all weekend to talk and know each other, then on monday we could be closer and wouldn’t be awkard to take the bus together again, but he didn’t responded anything, any messages yet! Have I done a big mistake? Tomorrow I gotta take this bus again, I’m almost thinking of going earlier to avoid see what happened, he could avoid me too and I know I would be hurt if I didn’t saw him there as always lol I already had the guts to take this initiative. You guys have any idea why this happened? What I did was too much or scared him away?

Sorry about the mistakes written, english is not my mother language.

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  1. He’s probably shy . Or Maybe was busy this weekend. I don’t think you made a mistake. You went after what you liked . Nothing wrong with that . His loss of he doesn’t respond to you

  2. He could be in a relationship you never know but Your fine just send him another text again later. I know it’s akward to see him in the bus again but try and go at the same bus again same time. Say hi to him or try and talk with him.

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