Dating : Have i been used?

Dating : Have i been used?

This guy has been trying to talk to me since February i didn’t give him the time of day till may. And i thought he was different he was so sweet and not like the guys I’ve talked to before. It started off so innocent and a friendship started to form about a few days later the conversation started to get more sexual he would just say how he wanted to kiss me and never let go. And how he was going to treat me like a queen. So we finally hung out and we hooked up. It was good i thought it was good. He didn’t talk to me for a week didn’t respond and then exactly after a week goes by he messages me how he didn’t have a phone and how he wanted to see me again i couldn’t that night and he stopped replying again. I tried a few times to reach out and he’ll reply and then he’ll stop. Then on June 1 he was like let’s hookup i agreed and i saw him. That day he’ll told you I’ll see you tomorrow and gave me a kiss goodbye and he hasn’t messaged me ever since. I feel like I’ve been used and lied to everything he told me was a lie i thought he was different. I’ve never been ghosted before and this actually hurts my feelings are deeply hurt i feel like messaging and asking why he is doing this. I just don’t understand do you guys think i was used? Or he is just not interested? I just want to stop feeling hurt

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  1. Yes, you’ve definitely been used. You gave him the « P » and that’s all he wanted. It’s clear that he used you, otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped replying. Im sorry that your feelings have been hurt but you need to just move on and forget about him. I hope you are able to forget about him and find what it is you’re looking for.

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