Dating : How long should I wait before pursuing another relationship?

Dating : How long should I wait before pursuing another relationship?

Hello all! I recently got out of a year-long relationship [17F and 18M]. Towards the end he really just didn’t seem to care about me much anymore, and I experienced so much emotional turmoil staying in the relationship. I called it off about three weeks ago, and it was very difficult for me for the first week or so, because it happened right as I was moving out on my own. However, once I got accommodated in my new space and saw my friends more often, I felt much, much better, very quickly. Quite honestly I think I got most of my tears out during the relationship, and didn’t have very many left once it was over. He was my first love, and will always be special to me, but I don’t miss being with him anymore.

With that being said: I recently went out to dinner with two friends, one of which I had only known through social media. After dinner we all went to my apartment as the weather got bad. We really hit it off, he (from social media) and I, and my other friend ended up leaving early, so we got to spend the evening getting to know each other better. It was almost electric. He was interesting, fun, and extremely respectful. We ended up hanging out several more times, and we really do “click” in a special way. We are both musicians so we have connected through playing together, and we have both met the other’s parents, which went well. We have kissed, and told one another that the feelings are mutual, but have not rushed into putting a label on anything. I really, really like him, and I can definitely envision myself being with him in the future. We have had similar experiences with ex-lovers, and it was strangely comforting to open up to him, and to have him open up to me.

So, my question is: Is it really so bad to just move on? I know it has not been long since my breakup, and I certainly don’t want to “rebound”, but it seems this incredible person has just fallen into my lap, with no effort on my end. The people around me are at odds about me staying single for longer versus not lingering and just moving on.

TL;DR: got out of a year-long relationship with my first love about three weeks ago, only to find my dream guy shortly after. Is it too soon?

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  1. Go for it, I say. Just make sure that you’re not overlooking parts of them or their personality for the sake of a rebound relationship.

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