Dating : How long to wait to text someone?

Dating : How long to wait to text someone?

So I matched with this girl on Hinge and we talked on and off until I asked her if she wanted to get dinner. She said sure, we went (on Thursday) and I actually had a really nice time. I texted her later that night and she said she had a great time too. We texted more and a day or two later (Saturday) I asked her if she wanted to go out again. She said she’d love to, so we planned a second date on Tuesday. But it’s Monday now and I was the last one to say anything in conversation which happened on Saturday. And I’m not big into double texting. What would you guys do in this situation? Should I just wait until tomorrow (the day we’re hanging out again) to text her?

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  1. Text her the day of the date early enough to confirm it’s still on. You’ll figure out how often she likes to text time. Everyone’s different.

  2. Dude stop playing texting games, you will drive yourself crazy. Just text someone when you want, don’t overthink it. If they are interested they will always reply and want to hear from you. They might even be thinking “why the fuck hasn’t he texted me?”

  3. Text but only to confirm about the date. I’d usually do it a few hours before the actual date but one day before is also ok. Don’t go texting without an objective in mind! Keep it short and simple.

  4. I hate the way society makes us think about what’s acceptable/not acceptable in dating. If you want to talk to her, text her again! There’s no « appropriate wait time. » Especially if you have a date planned, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying hi or just confirming that you’re still on for your date tomorrow.


    I used to get really into my head about this, but if someone likes you they won’t be upset if you text them again! My current boyfriend isn’t into texting much, and when we first started dating I was convinced he didn’t like me because he didn’t text me 24/7. Now that we’re in a longterm relationship, we’ve talked and he said he never realized he wasn’t texting me as much. He was really into me but not into texting! I wouldn’t worry too much, it seems like you’re likely off to a great start 🙂

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