Dating : How should i react to this girl losing interest in me?

Dating : How should i react to this girl losing interest in me?

Hi guys, this is my first post here even though i’ve been following Reddit for a long time.

So basically i’ve [22M] been texting this girl [19F] for 3 months. We live far from each other but since she’s planning to move to my city or the neighbouring city when she starts college in september we agreed to start talking and be friends. Instead we ended up falling in love for each other. She has said that she’s crazy for me and that no one ever made her happier than i do. She even send me naughty pics without me asking for it. She travelled 6 hours just to see me back in july. There’s no doubts that she fell hard for me.

But things have changed in the past couple of weeks. We went from texting every hour to texting once a day. She stopped telling me nice things. And after all of that she admited to me that she has been thinking about the situation and decided that in case she moves to my neighbouring city our relationship won’t work. The neighbouring city is just one hour away but she says that that is too much and that she won’t be able to deal with the constant travels, college life and having to move to a new city all together.

There’s still a small chance that she’ll move to my city instead (it doesn’t depend on her) but she seems to have given up on us already. She seems to not care about me anymore apart from that one text she sends me everyday.

The thing is i think there’s still a chance for us to end up together. Even if she moves to my neighbouring city i don’t mind giving her time to adapt to the city and to college life and do all the trips myself. But she doesn’t seem to want that. How do i convince her otherwise?

And how should i react to all of this? Should i let her go? Give her space? Fight for her while there’s still a chance?

Tl;dr: girl seems to have lost interest recently. What do i do to save this while there’s still a chance?

What do you think?


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  1. Coming from experience, leave her alone.

    The change in dynamic could be a multitude or reasons. She could’ve met someone else. She could’ve grown and realized she’s too young to consider settling. She might want more focus on other aspects of her life.

    In the end it doesn’t matter the reason. She has stated her case and as such you should respect that.

    Move on yourself.

    If she changes her mind she will let you know, however, you should move on in the event it doesn’t go that way.

  2. Give her the gift of missing you. This usually happens when people get invested too fast too soon, they got burned out. Leave her be and focus more on your own stuff – if she still wants to br with you, she will, otherwise she’ll fade away.

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