Dating : I feel as though I’m not enough.

Dating : I feel as though I’m not enough.

I wasn’t very insecure about myself until my breakup a couple years ago, when my ex told me I wasn’t bulky enough, tall enough etc. Since then I have developed some insecurities it seems, because I don’t feel I’m enough.
I have been online dating and I haven’t found anything long-term. It has been a series of hookups/casual flings. Over the last two years, there were two girls that I felt a potential with but they ended things with cryptic messages after a seemingly nice dating period. Thanks to online dating, I have gone out with girls I would consider out of my league. But every day I see girls that are way too pretty and fancy-looking, that inside I feel that I don’t have any chance with them. I’m an active person and that’s what I want in a partner, but I notice that that type of girls are probably too good for me. Does anyone else feel this way? It’s hard to be confident when your own self evaluates everything for you, and you realize that the inner voice is not wrong.

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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are dating girls that you want to date which says a lot. Also if they really disliked you or thought that they would not be dating your or reject you when you asked them out. You might break up but you aren’t going to be compatible with every girl and you shouldn’t expect to be. Just keep being authentic and don’t beat yourself up.

  2. You can put yourself into the leagues above all your prior experiences if you focus on yourself, hit the gym, wear nice clothes etc.

    You should be your own masterpiece.

    Even on slow burn you should see huge improvement over 2 years.

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