Dating : I’m hot, funny, and cool but I keep getting rejected?

Dating : I’m hot, funny, and cool but I keep getting rejected?

Hi, I am a 22 year old woman who is attractive, successful, funny, and intelligent. I do not often fall for men, but the past four times I have, including last night, I’ve been rejected. They always say it’s not me but I’m afraid that maybe it is. I’m having huge insecurity issues at the moment.


What do you think?


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  1. I know it seems like a pattern but it’s possible that it’s just a terrible coincidence, or you’ve been going after guys who are just immature. Or maybe they wanted a hookup or casual thing and they see that it could be more with you because of your great qualities, and that intimidates them!

    Have you tried dating guys a little older, like mid twenties? I’m 25 now, also a woman who considers myself pretty attractive, intelligent and funny, but I always go for guys a few years older than me because frankly younger guys usually aren’t done “exploring” yet! Though someone can not be ready at any age, I feel like guys start to feel like finding a partner around 25 ish. Best of luck!!!

  2. Why do they say, specifically, that they dont want to continue dating you?

    How long are you dating them before they break things off?

    Is it always after you’re in a physical relationship with them or sometimes before that stage?

    How quickly do you « fall » for someone and do you tell them? How do you tell them?

    Do you do stuff like talk about babies, marriage, long term future plans with them and what is their reaction? Who brings it up as a topic?

    What makes you « successful », « pretty », and « funny »? These are all subjective so I’m curious how you’re coming to this conclusion.

    How do you meet these guys?

    Are there shared/common traits between them?

  3. Maybe you’re not as awesome as you think you are. I don’t know any guy who wouldn’t at-least have coffee with an attractive girl. It seems to me like you might be trying to punch above your weight.

  4. Oh sweetie 🙁

    I’ve had my own issues with insecurity, and I’ve got many friends with them too, are you okay? How can I help? <3

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