Dating : I’m leaving the dating scene.

Dating : I’m leaving the dating scene.

I’m 19/M honestly I’ve tried dating so many different girls at this point I’m kinda tired of it. My ex actually is the reason I’m leaving the dating scene. I broke up with her because she SUCKED at communicating with me. Left me in dust too many times. When we were just friends before we started dating we talked and hung out so much like we didn’t have any responsibilities haha. And then while we dated she just never talked me really only for like an hour for the whole weeks total. She always kept talking about dudes hitting on her and what not and telling me she’s “tooo grown” for certain things (she’s 5 years older than me). Anyways, I broke up with her and told her she’s an amazing girl I’m not going to take that away from her she just sucks at communication right? Well the very next day she’s blowing me up and it was like before we dated. I started catching feelings again for her but I knew “Once you leave, don’t go back”

I took another girl out to get my mind of my ex and man we had the very best first date it was wonderful! We sat close to each other, had snow cones, talked for 3 hours, and had a jam out session in my car! But then she ghosted me :(.

I don’t know maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the girls I choose, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. But I’m kinda done with dating for now.

And then my ex today sent me a screenshot of a guy that slide in her DMs like she moved on fast 🙁 it sucks and I told her I’m not talking to her anymore. I can’t catch feelings for her anymore.

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  1. Youre doing the right thing. Honestly if I could go back in time, Id tell 19 year old me to focus on my own life and not worry about dating whatsoever. Do you, you got plenty of time in life to date.

  2. Yknow there might be some correlation between you not being over your ex and some girl ghosting you. Dating sucks but you have to stick with it to get something good out of it

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