Dating : Is the whole 6ft thing an actual thing??

Dating : Is the whole 6ft thing an actual thing??

So I’m like 6.2 pretty average looks and (23m) and only been in like 2 relationships , mind you I’m not a very social person but it honestly seems like if you are 6ft plus you could be bleh looking and find someone easily but honestly the whole thing is just confusing

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  1. I’m not 6 ft, I’m 5′ 10, and I’ve legit seen women say if you aren’t 6, left swipe me. It’s shallow as hell at that point to say hey, if you aren’t this height of more, forget it. Might as well tell women I don’t want anyone over 170 lbs.

    However, I’ve had dates in the past and I’ve got likes/swipes, so I just look past those women. If they want to be that picky, fine, but I’m not losing sleep over something so petty.

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