Dating : jumping too quickly into another thing?

Dating : jumping too quickly into another thing?

so here’s the thing:
two weeks ago i ended a relationship that lasted almost 1.5 years. i lost feelings few months ago and though we talked about our problems and worked on them it went downhill, so i broke up.
while i was still in the relationship, i met a guy and we clicked immediately. once, we talked a whole night about basically everything. he also told me about his girlfriend. they’re in a relationship for about six years now but broke up four times during those years (her twice, him twice as well). he says, they’re in a relationship because it’s just comfortable like that but he can’t see a future with her and he complains about her occasionally.
now, a few days ago, i ran into him and his friends randomly and i stayed with them. when they all left, he stayed and we spontaneously went to my place to watch a movie. we fell asleep on the couch, my head on his shoulder. when we woke up we started to cuddle like a loving couple and i told him, i’d love to kiss him but i wouldn’t do that because of his gf. he also insisted we couldn’t do that. later, he slept at my place because it was late and we both stayed fully dressed but still cuddled so intensely.

i don’t know what to do tbh. i wanted to stay single for a while because i literally just came out of a relationship and i’ll be moving in a few months…but it just felt so so good.. i have no clue if i should just do nothing and let it happen or if i should end it all before anything more happens. the only thing i know for sure is that i’ll definitely wait till they end their relationship before we do anything like that or more again.

EDIT: we’re both still in university. he is 22 and i’m 21 years old.

EDIT 2: when i met his friends and brother (before the cuddling), one of them told me that he already told him about me and how we met. and his brother also seemed to know about me as he greeted me knowing who i was.
i told that to a male friend of mine and he said, it’s unusual for a guy to do so and that it’s a sign he’s actually interested in me.

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  1. def dont mess around with him as long hes with his gf. dont want to be a side chick. also are you planning to move far away? if so, is it even worth it at that point.

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