Dating : [M25] needs help with [F26]

Dating : [M25] needs help with [F26]

We met on a dating app a few weeks ago, we speak daily. Constantly texting and having long conversations, to the point we text each other first thing after waking up and last thing before sleeping. However we have argued a fair bit recently. For the sake of this thread, I’ll call her June. (Easy name due to month)

For context, me and June have not met recently. We originally met a few years ago once, but this is several years ago on a night out. We are due to meet relatively soon, it’s difficult with our current work schedules at the moment.

She’s a lovely girl, beautiful, charismatic, charming, funny. I could go on! (I won’t). But she lacks confidence and worries alot. She says this is anxiety due to past experiences.
I also lack confidence and worry alot too. I’m also far less attractive than what I would think would be considered ‘good looking’.

Our first couple of arguments were small, easy-ish to resolve. Didn’t take long, but we got it sorted.

So when I told her about how my ex is still friends with my family and occasionally bump into each other at family’s houses (including at my family home), she said she wouldn’t feel comfortable with it if we were an item. Which I understand, however I spoke with my family and they said that I don’t own the house, I have no right in who comes into the house. Me and my ex do not get along. We split because she cheated.

As a result of me telling June about my ex being at my house, it caused an argument between me and June. I explained how I can’t stop my ex visiting the house and all I can do is try to avoid her. And we argued for hours.

I don’t want to think that I need to get rid of June because of the arguments but they are becoming increasingly common and it makes me worry that potentially I’m setting myself up for a volatile relationship full of arguments and disagreements. I’ve been there before and I’m not willing to go through that!

Do you think it could ease some of the tension when we meet? Or is it just a case of cut my losses and leave now?
I don’t want to leave, I see alot of potential in her, she makes me laugh, she teases me, calls me names and makes me feel alot better mentally when we aren’t arguing. It’s just hard for me to know what to do because of my continual desperation to not feel so alone.

What’s the best advice you guys could give in this situation?

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