Dating : Meeting Up

Dating : Meeting Up

I’m not a clubber or bar-goer; rarely drink and pretty much a teetotaler. I think the ideal woman for me I would more likely meet in a coffee shop than a club; a bookstore than a bar…

Has anyone met their/a significant other in one of these locales? Or am I naively searching for someone somewhere I’ll never find them and should look elsewhere (I already have an OLD presence).


What do you think?


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  1. You see most people at a bar or whatever are looking for someone to fuck or something like that, while people at a bookstore could just be there for books. My opinion is the same as yours but may I add that although it may be harder to find someone there, that individual may be much more valuable

  2. The bookstore is a viable option. If I was single, I would spend more time in bookstores. Years ago, I met a girl in a bookstore and she became a short/medium term girlfriend.

    But the bar, people are kinda in the right mindset for the mating dance, at least most of the time. At the bookstore, it’s different. As with most things, you need some luck, time and space have to align just right. Just watch out for girls in the self-help section…

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