Dating : Need some advise

Dating : Need some advise

Just need some advice about my relationship, idk if its me or its her, need help.

I love this girl, we been dating for three years, like every relationship we had our problems and talked about a solution and moved on. My main concern is we will be texting each other and suddenly she’ll just ignore me. She will be posting stuff on facebook and snapchat and just ignore my text. I feel like if you truly love somebody, why would you ignore them, wouldn’t you want there attention? Every time we talk on the phone, it doesnt seem like shes there or interested, I try to talk about interesting topics and feel like im just talking to myself. Second, Im a guy and has physical needs and I understand that a relationship isn’t just about sex. The first year, like always was amazing and always teasing each other. But now, she doesn’t tease, roll play, or likes to be touched anymore. Ill take her out on dates lately, we would have a good time, and when I think its a good time to get physical, shell tell me no. I honestly feel confused because I dont even know how to approach her anymore if she is in the mood because I dont want to offend her. Third, I feel like we have a good time spending time with each other, but when we are not together, i feel like shes not there.

So, I have communicated this issues with her in the past at least twice. Everytime I talk to her about these issues she doesnt reply back about any of these issues and just tells me idk what to say. I remind her how would she feel I was treating her like this, and no anwser from her. Its like she doesnt want to talk about these issues but how are we going to move on, if she doesnt want to talk about them and just tells me she a bad gf. I take her out to dates, I help her out in her career and schooling, I even visit her at work like 4 times a week, I do alot for her but I dont feel appreciated, I feel used. I honestly feel stressed, depressed, and lately really confused.

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  1. Distance yourself. Stop doing the things she expects you to do and see how she reacts/feels. If she loves you she’ll try to reach out more. Hobbies, exercise, hangout with friends and family should keep you busy and not thinking about her too much. If she wanted to have a relationship with you she would make a strong enough effort to do things. If not then this relationship might be a lost cause. Good luck!

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