Dating : Nice girl to be with, but very annoying when texting

Dating : Nice girl to be with, but very annoying when texting

So I have been seeing her for about a month. When we meet, we have lots to discuss and talk about. Vibes are very good as she is engaged, nice and in general seems very interested.

Seems great in person, but I noticed that she either takes forever or doesn’t respond to texts. Is she playing games? Because I know shes seen them. Its annoying when it seems like shes doing it intentionally and doesn’t really fit her personality IRL.

What do you think?


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  1. Dude you need to YouTube Coach Corey Wayne and his videos on texting women and women are like cats, men dogs. The phone is for setting up appointments and dates. Not getting to know someone. If you are too available she will get bored of you and friend zone you. She is probably testing you because the woman should chase you. If you chase her too soon, like the cat, you will freak her out.

  2. there’s a factual answer but it is irrelevant and sets a bad precedence. we can take her phone and analyze all her messages to every person; calculate her response times to different topics. or monitor her phone usage while she is with you to see if she is quick to respond to others, or her general behavior is to not answer. but now you are measuring yourself to everybody else in her life, seeking validation, or acting desperate in getting her attention with a winning tactic.

    if you enjoy spending time with her in person, keep texts for logistics. you mentioned that she responds promptly to those. when she doesn’t respond to other types of text: you have your answer. don’t go that route. general guideline is to match the response time +/- a little bit.

  3. Sometimes I glance at a text while I’m busy and don’t respond hours later because I’m in the middle of walking, working, or doing something. If I see it’s urgent, then I’ll step aside to reply to the text. It may be that you just have different texting habits.

    Can you define what « forever » means to you? Also, when she doesn’t respond, are you asking a question, or just giving a general comment that might not need a response?

    How do you know for certain that she’s doing it intentionally? I’d sit down with her and say, « Hey, when I don’t get text responses to my questions and you haven’t replied in a few days, I feel unsure as to your interest level. » Try not to accuse and say you feel like she’s doing it on purpose because that will just put her on the defensive.

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