Dating : Please help advise a proofreading client with a love letter.

Dating : Please help advise a proofreading client with a love letter.

[deep workplace breath] Okay, um, my client in some pro bono work I’m doing on r/Proofreading has this draft of a love letter.


Cute, right? Well, there’s some ongoing concern I have about the proposed organization’s future. Human sexual activity is said to make one more productive, but his intimate partner is a single mom, he brings up marriage, and he calls himself « eternally yours » at the end. I myself have made countless wtf posts and comments on Reddit, so I consider myself proficient at dealing with wtf posts, and I find the self-description as « yours » to make his post a wtf post.


I’d like to use some case-based reasoning here. On r/dating_advice, one of my team’s clients was a university student whose bf went to another university hours away, 5 IIRC, he told her, « I’m yours, we just have to trust each other, » and then sent her a picture of him kissing another woman, without any further response from him. It’s doing case-based reasoning like this that makes me question the draft as though « yours » is an infidelity red flag. I thought it was an IPV red flag instead.


You may comment in Google Docs if you wish.

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