Dating : Rejected a girl and her friends got super salty

Dating : Rejected a girl and her friends got super salty

Was at the bar I normally hang out at and I was on the pong tables (doing a bit worse than normal but about average). Then this girl came up to me (mixed black and white though very light skinned) she asked if I thought her friend was cute. Her friend looked very similar to her and I said tell her this “Tell her it’s nothing personal but she’s not my type, she is kinda attractive though”. She went to her friends and just said the part about her not being my type. Then the girl came up and said she didn’t even want me (I honestly didn’t care so I was very non emotional or reactive to her saying that). Then her friend comes back up and asks if her blonde friend was cute. I said yes then the blonde came up to me and said “so apparently I’m your type” I said “yeah, that a problem 😏”(emoji for face reference) then she walked off and her friends were apparently recording it.

I think I handled it well but anyone else been in this situation?

What do you think?


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