Dating : The guy (M24) I’m (F21) dating shamed me for getting an unsolicited dick pic

Dating : The guy (M24) I’m (F21) dating shamed me for getting an unsolicited dick pic

My friend’s friend added me on snapchat because I was buying something from him. After the purchase, he began to send me shirtless “good morning” snaps to me and I would ignore them. I told the guy I’m dating about this and how disrespectful it is especially since the snap guy has a girlfriend. After two shirtless snaps, he stopped snapping me. HOWEVER this morning at work, I opened my snapchat to see a snapvideo of his morning wood. That was not okay with me and I proceeded to text the guy i’m dating about it. The guy i’m dating said “I mean, if he was being wack in beginning I would have removed him from my friends 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ but that’s on you” and then a few memes. I replied with “Did you just victim blame me?” And “I He only snapped me once and it was a pic of him shirtless. How am I suppose to know it would lead to this? Not cool dude.” His reply was “I guess if I send pic of myself shirtless it must mean they want dick pics” I have never felt so upset and disappointed in someone before. I did not want to see his wood nor did I do anything that suggest I was even interested in him. I regret that I spent time with the guy i’m dating now because this kind of attitude fucks sexual assault victims over. These guys are boys, not men and I’m disappointed in them. What should I do about the guy i’m dating? How do I end it while educating him??

TL;DR I don’t know what to do about a guy who shamed me for receiving a dick pic

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  1. Dump the motherfucker already.

    « I’m not interested in dating someone who thinks it’s my fault, or that it’s funny, or that I was asking for it, when some fucking pervert harasses or assaults me. »

    If you are interested in saving the relationship, try explaining it to him. How some random asshole showing you his dick upset you, made you feel violated, etc. Explain that you can’t go through your life avoiding half the human population because they’re goddamn morons who think women want to see their gross dicks. Find websites, or videos, or something, and ask him to watch them.

    His reaction to this approach will tell you everything you need to know about the kind of man he is, and what you should do from there. Unfortunately, it’s probably not good.

    But, I’m also just a man on the internet who’s real sick of other men’s shit.

  2. I don’t have a suggestion for something to say. But i’ll just say that telling someone I’m dating that I received a (non solicited) dick pic has never gone over well. So, I have stopped sharing that kind of stuff with my partners. They’re reaction has never been one that I had wanted. However the guy you’re seeing should have said it more along the lines of you should just block him now. Not that you should’ve before, because like you said there was no way of knowing.
    Idk if you neccesarily need to break up with him, but if you feel mlre comfortable with that then of course do it. Just explain that you don’t like how he turned a unsolicited text on you when you never even spoke to the guy besides the first part.

  3. Did he snap you multiple shirtless good morning photos or just one? Your story is contradicting itself now. If someone was snapping you multiple good morning, shirtless photos, and you have a boyfriend, you should have removed them.

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