Dating : Telling a girl I like her and wanting a relationship

Dating : Telling a girl I like her and wanting a relationship

So let me explain the story as this is kind of last minute.

So we’re in our last year of high school and we’ve been friends for over a year but we got really close this year, probably my best girl friend. I only thought of her as a friend and started to have different feelings for her until the night of prom which was around a month ago. She didn’t go with anyone so my friends pressured me to ask her. I only thought of her as a friend at this point. I regret that I didn’t ask her, although she did tell me she didn’t want to go with anyone.

I haven’t told anyone but most of my friends think I do like her and are teasing me about it. They’ve been doing this way before prom though.

We just finished exams. Although, she didn’t come on the last day of classes, she asked me to pick up her yearbook and so I did. I asked her if I could sign it beforehand and she said I could so I did. I gave it to her before the only exam we have together and she thought my message was nice, funny and cute. It wasn’t a romantic message by the way.

I text her pretty frequently but she takes a long time to respond and doesn’t text as much as I do when we text. I also always start the conversations so I’m not sure if she has the same feelings for me.

I saw her today but it was a quick conversation talking about my exam mark because she didn’t go to check hers. So now the only day I’ll see her is graduation day. Which is two days from now.

I want to text her saying I have something to tell her and that if I could do it over FaceTime.
I really like this girl but I don’t know if she feels the same about me. I got emotional thinking about my feelings for this girl so if I tell her what my true feelings are would it work? After this I’ll tell her that if she wants, we could grab something to eat/drink to talk about this even further since we are free tomorrow.

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  1. idk man. idk. I use to come here with all the answers.

    but I honestly don’t know. love is a fucking ride man. you either jump on it or you don’t.

  2. do you think that a relationship is really necessary or not? if you think it’s not, then probably you don’t have to rush and create more chemistry with her.

    btw, it is a cute story though, i wish you a good luck!

  3. Tell her. Be honest and confident, but don’t do anything flashy or dramatic. Just be up front about your interest in her.

    I was in your situation when I was in high school, and I never told her, and I’ve always regretted it.

    EDIT: She might reject you. Facts of life. If she does, be fuckin’ cool about it.

  4. If it’s not too late, don’t. Ask her for the date but don’t spill your feelings out out of the blue. Relationships come after dating, not before – confessing now will just show her that you don’t know what you’re doing.

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