Dating : Unemotionally unavailable

Dating : Unemotionally unavailable

I F(23) have been talking to this guy M(25) for about 6 months now. Most of our time we are either hooking up or out doing something fun like going to the movies, hiking, eating out or whatever. We never actually defined our relationship and i honestly assumed he was seeing other people because he would take forever to text me back, we would only hang like twice a month and i saw dating apps on his phone. I never dated anybody in between just personal preference.

Well about 3 weeks ago i asked him what he wanted because he was being more romantic over text and taking me to nice dinners and events. He said he needs to solidify his career before he starts anything since right now he has a part time job and lives at home. Throughout our time i felt like i was counseling him a lot with jobs and moving out so in my mind he was kinda emotionally unavailable since he had to figure his shit out first.

Anyway, after this talk he virtually ghosted me, i texted him twice to hang out and he either bailed or never got back to me. I called him and basically he said he wasn’t trying to actually date me and he has to figure his shit out. Honestly it hurts because we have shared a lot of deep moments together and when we are together he was the one who always held my hand, pulled me closer, invited me to do fun things.

Now I am kinda lost and confused because somebody who i thought i could have a relationship with basically evacuated once we talked. And i know he had feelings for me and i did too but i held them back because in the back of my mind i know he couldn’t give me what i needed. At this point i know it’s not me and i should have talked about this earlier but this seems to be a trend

TDLR: Guy i have been seeing for 6 months went quiet after defining what we are

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  1. Story as old as grass, girl falls in love with a guy that doesn’t want her, end of story.

    Plenty of guys would go out with you, 100% sure about that, plenty of them would give you more than 2 dates a month, plenty of them would respond to your texts, and plenty of them would be interested in making plans. Plenty of them would do « fun » things like hiking and eating and watching movies…

    Why don’t you want any of them?

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