Dating : Why I wanna experience sex and date as much as I can before I graduate highschool

Dating : Why I wanna experience sex and date as much as I can before I graduate highschool

If you graduate highschool and you’re still a virgin than you’re fucked. You won’t ever experience sex or at least experience it anytime soon unless you get a hooker. The reason is because
1: adult women have much higher standards than teenage girls and expect a lot more from a man.
Think about it!
Most teenage boys don’t have much « game » or good sense of humor, nor do they have any money oe charisma but most still get laid at least once If they just socialize and talk to girls meanwhile adult women throw a bunch of shit tests at men and again, have much higher standards.
2: it’s easier to build a relationship with people in highschool because you see them almost everyday.
3: teenagers are very dumb and horny. They have raging hormones and strong sex drives so they want sex even more than adult women. Once you’re grown, you don’t have strong sexual desires anymore at least… Not as strong as teenagers.

So all in all, If I graduate highschool and still am a virgin I’ll just get a hooker at the age of 18. I’m 16 years old now.

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  1. not sure where you got your beliefs from, but they are wrapped as all hell

    [and actually, these days, they are just plain untrue](

    your growing up in a generation where EVERYONE generally is having less sex. Being a Virgin past high school is actually COMMON don’t think too much about it… plus guys have no virginity to lose anyway- only experience to gain by trying and failing many times.

    your 16, practically a baby in today’s world. Cut the shitty attitude man- its only going to hurt yourself in the longhaul

  2. There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s just throw the whole suitcase away.

    Literally none of this is even remotely true. That is not how any of this works.

  3. You’re gonna look back at this post one day, and it’ll be hilarious.

    You keep doing you man. Make sure the hooker you get at 18 has had a proper medical check.

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