Dating : Would you date an « average » person?

Dating : Would you date an « average » person?

This definition requires modifications depending on where you are but here’s the general gist:

« Average » US man: Income of 38,461. Height of 5’9. 198lbs, 40inch waist. Spends 18hours/4min working/sleeping/etc, 24 minutes per day exercising, 3hours/31min using a screen, 2hours on non screen leisure.


« Average » US Woman: Income of 25,307 (that’s a different issue and not what I’m asking about). Height of 5’4. 170lbs, 38inch waist. Spends 18hours/42min working/sleeping/etc, 14 minutes per day exercising, 2hours/55min using a screen, 2hours/9min on non screen leisure.

There’s more that could be added, but I hope you get the idea. Would you be interested in this hypothetical person?

What do you think?


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  1. not from the US – but TBH if you are making enough to live your live in your current lifestyle why would I care about your income? If you have similar lifegoals, have a personality that fits mine, are attractive for me, and want to invest enough time in a relationship with me so we are both happy I would gladly date you.

    How much money you are making can change, How tall you are you cant change, And while you can change the way your body looks that also means you can gain or loose weight over time. So none of this will be important in my decision.

  2. The average person doesn’t exist, so yeah, I would. I’m dating them right now.

    Edit: I wrote that having only read the title. Now that I read the text of the post as well, I modify my statement to « I have no idea, because half of those measurements don’t mean anything to my european ass. »

  3. Wow the stats for an average man make me feel like I’m crushing it.

    But also, looking at the stats for an average woman I’d probably have to say “no I would not” since a woman who is 170 lbs at 5’4 almost certainly doesn’t have a body that I’d be attracted to physically.

  4. This is actually quite depressing … I am so significantly « better » than the average man and I can’t even get a date with a 170 pound poor woman??

  5. I would date an average person but I’m a thicc boi so they will have to accept that. Truthfully we should not put labels on average or not average. Everyone is just themselves, and classifying separate people into categories feels kinda shallow but I get caught doing that too sometimes with women I don’t like. Every person will be different with what they want in a lover. Different tastes. Not everyone eats mushrooms but some people do.

  6. But what if you look at a global average? The average worldwide would be less overweight than the average American, but also only make the equivalent of $18,000

  7. Median is a better indicator than average and age is a big factor on these (other than height), but yeah I wouldn’t rule out the average statistical woman.

    I think it’s a cool exercise to keep expectations in line.

  8. You can’t reduce an entire person down to stats. This doesn’t show anything that actually matters. Personality, values, sense of humor, kindness etc.

  9. I was feeling good about myself but then the sceptic in me wanted to know your sources. I’m also wondering how statistically likely is an “average person” just straight up average across the board?

  10. Nope. I’d need a woman who made more money than that and was in better shape than that.

    But hey, at least this makes me feel good about myself! Because I’m significantly « better » than that average guy in every category.

  11. I’m not an average woman, so no, I would not date an average man. I’d love to hear from some people who fall in that average category to be honest

  12. Who cares about average this or average that. What does it matter what her height/weight/race/income level ect is… if we link and are compatible on numerous levels. All that shit goes out the door. I will commit to you, if I felt we matched well- regardless of anything else. I don’t follow the norms or averages, I’ve always been a breaker of norms.

  13. I mean, why wouldn’t I.

    Why does any of this matter?

    I see what you’re saying, but love is love, no matter what.

    If you’re truly into someone, why does the height part matter? The race? Their income? Their weight?

    I consider myself average. Yet, I got a good heart. I just don’t date because I know I’m not every woman’s « dream guy ».

    But I’m sure there’s someone out there who will accept me for who I am.

  14. This doesn’t apply to people who live in cities or the coasts. Our average incomes are more than double that. Those are extreme poverty wages in my area and I make x3 that amount. So no.

  15. If I like you i date you I don’t give a flying fuxk about you exact weight, working hours, man, woman etc.
    You’r cute enough or at least have charm? You got a good personality? More importantly do we have a connection, a spark whatever?
    Than come on let’s date.
    The only thing I can’t personaly pass on if I’m dating someone and plan to live my life with them is if they have a salary who isn’t enough to handle themself and be self sufficient, because I don’t want a bum and if they have a character compatible with me because living togheter can be a nightmare when it’s not the case.
    Conclusion I can date someone in that average like I can date someone under that

  16. Well I wouldn’t be against it but obviously I don’t know anything about this person other than the meaningless stats. I’m missing their interests, personality and ultimately what makes them… them.

    I have been thinking about this and I actually don’t want to act as if I’m ordering a partner from Amazon but instead get to know what makes them special etc. I still have preferences which make someone more or less desirable but I believe we get not we want but what we need.

    I guess to answer the question more directly. Yes I would be willing to date anyone as long as we like each other (personality and attraction) and are able to communicate so on and so forth

  17. No. I like my partner to be active like me. I’m very active- I work out most days of the week. I’m not expecting to date an athlete, but I want someone with a similar lifestyle and values to me.

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