Dating : Bumble date went really well but I’m confused lol

Dating : Bumble date went really well but I’m confused lol

So I finally met up with this dude one week after matching with him on Bumble. He was really nice and interesting and we clicked because we have so many things in common. We connected on so many things and he’s even working in the same career field as I am.

Our “date” went really well. We both agreed we had a lot of fun, and we shared so many convos, and was just very comfortable in each other’s company..but the catch is, I never felt anything romantic from him. Even when we were both hella drunk. Nor was he giving any hints of flirtation. He doesn’t really flirt with me over text either, I’d figure by now he’d at least compliment me on my physical features. Like a simple you look really cute or I like your outfit and stuff.

His bumble profile says he is there for “something casual”. Which doesn’t really help. I myself sort of put the same thing. But damn, all I’m sensing is straight platonic vibes from him lol.

Any advice on how I should gauge this relationship better? I’m afraid to flirt now bc it’s gonna feel like a complete switch of vibe or I don’t wanna put him off. I just hope he’s not gay lol. Should I just trust my gut?

What do you think?


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