Dating : DAE get annoyed when someone spells your name wrong on a dating app?

Dating : DAE get annoyed when someone spells your name wrong on a dating app?

My name is a pretty basic name with a lot of different ways to spell it. So I’m used to seeing my name spelled wrong on a daily basis. I usually don’t mind unless it’s online/on a dating app where my name is on display. I just don’t get why it’s so hard to check to make sure you spelled it right before hitting send? If someone spells your name wrong on a dating app, do you say anything?

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  1. I think it says a little bit about who they are as a person. For the most part, people try and put their best face on when dating. If their « best » effort involves misspelling your name, what else about their personality sucks?

  2. Hell, I had someone refer to me by the completely wrong name before on an app. Instant unmatch either way, unless it was a discernible spellcheck error.

  3. Yes! It’s pure laziness! And just not caring I guess. I always double check that I spelled someone’s name right because it happens to me so often. Especially with names that are unique or have multiple ways to spell them.

  4. If you are making problems on just your name you should not be online dating. People are talking to as many as possible women/men the same time. Sometimes the brain glitches and mix thing together. Don’t take it personal till you had your first date.

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