Dating : Dating my first girlfriend, feeling anxious?

Dating : Dating my first girlfriend, feeling anxious?

Long story short, I come from a conservative background (I’m not), so I only had a gf in high school and the most we did was hold hands. pretty sure she didn’t even like me nor did I like her, so I tend to not count her as a real gf, and we broke up eventually.

Now, I’m 20M dating 20F. I met this woman that’s super fucking awesome, and we got to know eachother for a month as friends, before she said she liked me (and i did too) so now we’re dating.

We’ve been on a few dates that went amazingly well. We’re both so into eachother. I like her A LOT. and she likes me a lot too.
However, a couple of days ago, we went out with our friend group, had drinks and had lots of fun. Until now, everything is absolutely fucking awesome.
I woke up the next day feeling anxious and depressed. I’ve had history with depression and anxiety, but I’ve known how to deal with it my entire life. I’ve never had a gf, let alone someone to like me as much as she does, so I’m afraid that I don’t actually like her? I think I do, and she seems like the perfect person for me, but is my mind just being anxious and telling me something is wrong? or is there some truth to it?

if I think about it logically, we have so many things in common, I enjoy being with her, and i get a boner just thinking about her (btw is this good or bad?).

Sometimes, I get scared of the imaginary scenario where I tell her we’re not gonna work out, because I feel like I WANT to be with her, but for some reason I’m scared to actually commit??

I’m not sure wtf is happening with me, but I don’t have much experience dating.
Can I have some experienced opinion/advice about it all?

What do you think?


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